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La Maison du Bonheur à Saint-Bernard

The weather in Saint-Bernard

Saint-Bernard is located in the Val de Saône, geographically surrounded by the Dombes plateau, the Alps, the Lyonnais mountains and the Massif Central.

The climate is continental. Surrounded by mountains, there is little wind. In summer, it is very hot (>35°C) and the nights are not very cool (>25°C). There are frequent thunderstorms (I would say once a week), the most frequent thunderstorm rainfall is about 15mm, in the evening after 18:30.

We are fortunate to be protected by the combination of the Saône, the Monts du Lyonnais and the motorway, which gives us a local microclimate and regularly shelters us from bigger storms.

In winter, temperatures are cold <5°C and we often have frosts at -5°C. We also have fog (-1°C).

I have seen the Saône frozen twice in my life, about every 20 years. There is not often snow. I would say every 5 years we might get 5 cm and then it's magical for a morning...

The rainy months are usually November/December and February/March.

Sometimes it's nice to see the Saône at a high level, especially as we are not directly concerned by flooding...

We also have the March sleet...

In short, the weather is rather pleasant in our village... But like everywhere in the world at the moment, I am only quoting generalities but there are more and more exceptions...

In summer, be particularly vigilant to heat waves and storms...

More information here on the weather for the next 10 days. .

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To book a meal tray or for a dog, please fill in "choose your extras" in the booking page. For all exterior rentals, please contact me directly.

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