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La Maison du Bonheur à Saint-Bernard

My values and traditions


My name is Marie-Laure Patin, I am a woman of a little more than 40 years. I am married to Jean-Baptiste Moncel and we have 3 children born in 2002, 2003 and 2012. Our youngest is Thalys, a German shepherd born in 2022.

I like to invest myself in what I undertake and I seek to achieve a product of a higher quality whatever the environment in which I invest myself (family, friends, associations or professional). I like to be autonomous and independent and to lead new projects.

Coming from a scientific background (chemist), I am simple and pragmatic. I like to be precise about my choices and to manage a moderate risk. I have led pharmaceutical construction projects and then decided to change my professional career in order to establish more authentic human contacts.

What I like most of all is to live in a family atmosphere, where people, animals and nature are the main interests. I have been used to living with various international populations and have been able to adapt easily in each situation. I am very trusting and discreet, even though I love to chat, but I have a lot of trouble with people who are selfish and unashamed and I don't hesitate to increase the level of surveillance if I don't trust them.

According to my friends, the most important trait of my character is my generosity, I know how to welcome and share good moments while setting rules. I also like manual work, especially DIY and decoration, I know how to repair and improve a building or a piece of furniture by relying on the good advice of my relatives.

I bought my father's house, in which I was born and which is next to my family's house, and I decided to create a bed and breakfast. My aim is to:

  • to preserve the family heritage and to self-finance the restoration and renovation needs of the building
  • to be more easily accessible and available for my family members
  • to have a more serene life in harmony with my environment and human beings
For me the house of Happiness is :
  • to be in well-being through simplicity, homogeneity, emotion introduced in each of the rooms, each of the objects, each of the components and materials
  • being in the calm and serenity brought by the surrounding nature,
  • awaken your taste buds with the use of healthy local products,
  • to escape with the authenticity of the surrounding fauna, flora and heritage
  • and to be free by sharing and respecting human beings, nature and materials.
My favourite quotes are:
  • "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" _ Antoine Lavoisier
  • "Happiness is homemade"...
  • "Freedom is respect for the rights of each person, order is respect for the rights of all" _ Eugène Marbeau

My traditions:

  • I have faith in God and the events of the Christian calendar are important to me whether in family gathering, community or worship.
  • I like to celebrate birthdays, always a good time to get together and share a happy moment. I have no problem inviting 100 people, I can manage the event and the food. We rarely have the opportunity to have a ham spit... Yum
  •  I love local festive events, in our area we have the conscrits! Celebrate your classes! It only happens once every 10 years! Pure Beaujolais tradition, unique in France. You will find more information on this link.
  • We also have the Beaujolais nouveau festival, an opportunity to feast from cellar to cellar and to taste the excellent local products! Always on the 3rd Thursday of November and the following weekend, the Beaujolais cellars open their doors.
  • We also have the 8th of December festival, which is also called fête de lumières in Lyon! The illuminations on 8 December are linked to the cult of the Virgin Mary. You can find more information on this link. In each village around Lyon, a gathering is held for residents to enjoy mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, with candles in the windows to light up the day...
  • On 14 July, the bank holidays, we like to enjoy the fireworks and meet up for a drink and a barbecue with friends or family! I would particularly like to mention the fireworks in Trévoux: on 13 July, the fireworks illuminate the banks of the Saône as soon as night falls!
  • The music festival, on June 21st is the traditional festival of the beginning of summer, in each village some concerts... discover more particularly the music festival in Villefranche sur Saône, concerts, brass bands, DJ, choirs in the National street... and good mood!
  • I also like to take part in all the events of the village of Saint-Bernard which all bring conviviality: race of the edge of Saône, spring cleaning, hike in Saint-Bernard, Halloween, carnival, conscrits, competition of petanque...
  • I love playing, I'm still a big kid! In summer, it's pétanque, games in the pool, outdoor wooden games, board games! In the cold season, it's lasergame, escape game, outdoor games, board games! In my family, for example, we like to do a "colin-maillard" for the 1st of January between adults and children!

Booking information

To book a meal tray or for a dog, please fill in "choose your extras" in the booking page. For all exterior rentals, please contact me directly.

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